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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2012 8:31am-9:01am PST

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ranging in these smaller dwelling units. >> those are units where the bedroom is -- it's one room. so the bed is in the same room as the kitchen. >> there is one other thing. the electric industry has vastly improved their cooking equipment for electric cooktops. the newest and most modern one is magnetic. so it no longer produces heat on the unit itself, it produces heat in the pan that you're cooking in. it's all done magnetically. >> we've got one of them here. >> we've got a couple of those here. as of yet, they haven't incorporated into a full-sized range oven and cooktop, it's strictly a cooktop. very efficient product, very fast, very comparable to a gas as far as speed. it's really going to be the way of the future for electric cooking. >> also nothing will catch fire on that. >> you can put your hand right on it, it won't be hot.
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you can put a pan on there and boil water. >> let's look at this kitchen. what do we have? traditional wood cabinets with doors, you can get these cabinets and doors in 10,000 shapes and sizes and varieties. either premaid or semicustom made so they're adepartmented to fit your space, or custom made. a lot of people say, i want to save money on my cabinets. that's what i hear all the time, i'm going down to a big box store and buy cabinets. >> if you'll look at the room, what you see mostly is the cabinets. that's the main visual, you know, that dominates it. i would be very mindful, to me they're very important and you want to do something that's going to be long lasting and to me it's probably the most important part of the kitchen. >> andre touched on something i have strong feelings about. i have strong feelings about everything. here you are spending $55,000 to do this renovation --
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>> if you're lucky. >> if you're lucky. and the place you wealry -- really want the money to be best spent are the things that you can see. you don't want to take all that money and spend it in the plumbinging, the walls, the wires and then cheap it out at the end where you're running out of money and going to put up the cheapest cabinets you can find. that's exactly opposite. what you want to do is have the stuff you can see, that you have to live with every day, be the quality that you are looking for ultimately. and i see that where people say, i'll paint my house myself. i can save money thope paint. oh, my god, it looks terrible, they spent all many money on the remodel. another thing, little things like this beautiful little crown molding that goes around the cabinets, costs almost nothing compared with the cost of the whole job and makes all the appearance difference. the bottom line appearance is where -- and function of course, but appearance, don't cheap out the appearance.
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what do you think about people trying to save money by doing it thems or doing some of it themselves? >> i think it's a disaster. and it's not that it takes brain surgery to do a kitchen, but they're complicated enough and there's a lot of things you need to know and coordinate and for the first time person, they don't know that. they don't think about how the ducts are going to go, the pipes are going to go, they think it's, you know, it's better to hire a licensed contractor to hire a professional to do the drawings, you save money in the long run even though there's markup but you get a better product. >> and they don't want you to help them because if you try to help them, it takes longer, it complicated their schedule, it will mean they'll have to be on the job longer. they want to finish it out successfully have you happy, and have everybody paid and leave and start the next job. if you say, i'll put down the flooring, oh, my god, now we're
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a week behind schedule. there's a lot of coordination that's required. so the electrical has to be coordinated, with the drywall, the tiles, so it's coordination. you want to have a crew that works together. your design professional can recommend a contractor, that's a good way to get a qualified contractor to do it. i have a joke about working with contractors. a contractor told me this once. he said, i'll do your job for $10 an hour. foupt watch, i'm going to charge you $15 an hour. if you want to help, i'm going to charge you $20 an hour. >> don't try to do it. i'm looking at the cabinets, some have glass doors and sometimes you see glass shelves which are nice for glasses. some are solid doors. this is a very inexpensive change, to change your cabinets. >> it sparkles it up, adds volume to it. it's a great thing to do.
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typically we would have lights, sometimes even lights in the cabinets. if you have the glass cabinets, you have to be mindful about where the shelves are. sometimes people put grid systems and they don't align with the shelves. think about how it's going to look. >> this is a typical problem this bottom corner. always a problem. here's how we solve this one. lazy susan down in the corner. all a problem down here. then of course all the stuff falls off into the back and you're down on your knees trying to get it. i haven't ever seen a real solution. >> it's a big advantage over a dead corner. >> oh, yeah, just a big empty corner there is impossible to get in there. anything else special we want to look at? >> this is one of our simpler kitchens. >> what is the countertop? >> granite. >> it's the real thing. real stone. >> you can tell, the difference between a real material and the
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man-made material is that this little corner over here is different looking than this corner over here. if it's manmade, it's going to look identical because they pour it all at one time and it's all the same material. nature builds its own characteristics into the stone and that's where the beauty of natural stone comes from. >> one of the things i want to mention, the most difficult thing for people to do is to pick their cabinet hardware. isn't that true? should it be shiny? matte finish? so many options. >> we spend a lot of time picking appliances for a kitchen, where all the handles will match. just like your cabinetry. so you may not want to buy all from one manufacturer, but you want to have them all complement each other even though there could be multiple manufacturers in one kitchen. >> i have a question for you, where do you put the trash in
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this kitchsnn where would you put the trash? and how do you handle recycling and composting? everybody wants a greenhouse, this is the place to start. >> most people would put it here under the sink but now there's a company, several companies, where you have a pullout cabinet with two bins, put it next to the sink. it would be like this -- >> there it is. >> terrific. >> so you would have your regular trash, plastic bags for the most part, and back here your recycling and composting we use a little green bin on top. any other ideas for composting >> no for cans, for everything. so we have four of them sometimes. one on either side, if you can afford to do it. >> san francisco has mixed recycling. cans and bottles and paper can all go in the same thing and plastic junk, the trash, and
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then but but composting, you don't have that much volume. we haven't dealt with -- maybe a dutout. >> we have some back on the counter back where we were where there is a stainless counter -- or stainless cover you drill a hole through about that big, it has a bucket underneath. if you're in a prep area where you're doing a lot of preparation of greens, you just open it up, swipe it all in, and go right into the bucket. >> good. speaking of green homes, we're going to look at a couple more of these in a second. there are a number of green things you can and are required to do here. rure required to have special kinds of lighting in kitchens now. which at least half of the lighting in a kitchen has to be a very high efficacy lighting, very high watts, lumens per watts, at least half of it has to be that way. whether you want it or not you've got to do it. state law.
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>> the layman term for high efficacy are fluorescent. >> they're developing other types. >> you have to count the lights and count the wattage and actually submit that sometimes with your permit. that's why undercabinet lights are good, you can put a lot of fluorescent lights there and meet that requirement. you can do also overcabinet lights and have ambient light as well. >> if you put a new window in, you have to meet energy standards for windows. what else can we do to make it a green kitchsnn >> you have to remember the lighting on the hood, many of these, like your hood sounds to be fairly large a lot of them are hall general lighting. you have to count the wattage in that hood along with all the rest of the lighting in your house. >> what else is green? we could use flooring materials. >> every option you can pick something green. so bamboo cabinets are very
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popular. you can do, you know, the resingled glass countertops. you can do, there's a product called marmoleum, like linoleum floor, that's green material. mu yao pick energy star appliances. so every -- you pick energy star appliances. you also should recycle when you do construction. that's also considered, a lot of the land fill is construction waste. we recycle at home but not at construction sites. >> now it's required to do construction site recycling. let's walk around the corner and look at another one. here's a whole different kind of kitchen. much more modern appearing and feeling. what make this is different? what is it about it that makes it zphincht plush face cabinets. you could have taken your existing kitchen and changed the face of the cabinets and it would look just like that, wouldn't it?
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you might have to change the countertop, put in -- what kind of counters are these? >> marble. >> you could put in marble countertop, quite expensive, but you could. and you might be able to cut it and move it and -- >> yeah, it's not in all cases but that's a good way, reface your cabinets and absolutely don't have to replace it. the carcasses can remain, the cabinet bodies. >> so in this vignette, we have a few other things. we have these beautiful, beautiful glassware cabinets with special glass. aren't they lovely? >> glass with reflective material around the frame. notice the back splash. glass tile. >> this is a very trendy kitchen. the glass tiles are very popular now. also the trend is to mix and match the cabinets a little bit. here we have wood and here we have metal cabinets.
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very eye catching hood here. so very trendy kitchen. >> following it along, a sin that can is -- it's a porcelainized sink, where the traditional sink was cast iron, it had to be porcelainized to keep from rusting, but this is clay. >> every counter that's more than 12 inches wide has to have a plug. on a long counter like this, you can't be more than 24 inches from any point along the wall to the nearest plug. and all these plugs have to be ground fault circuit interrupt, gfci. and peninsulas, we don't have a peninsula, but they need to have plugs on them. and you need separate small appliance circuits, you have to have two 20-amp circuits
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serving the kitchen and separate circuits for your dishwasher and garbage disposal. sometimes you can sthare a few. you have to have circuits for the microwave. if this is an electric deep flier, which i have never seen before, built in, this would have to have a dedicated circuit. you don't need to remember the details but you need to know that the electrical requirements for kitchens are very high, it's very expensive and often requires you to add a new subpanel or change out your electric panel. that all of a sudden rolls up the cost of the remodel. now you have to go down to your electrical panel and do an upgrade. >> you should have an electric plan. you want to locate on a drawing where each outlet is going to be. think about it for the code but also for practical purposes. think about where you want your appliances and what not. do a lighting plan. i actually -- for me, i even will locate this outlet relative the tiles in the
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cabinet, so typically, i like to center it if i can, align it with the tile pattern. if you draw a picture of it, it's going to help you in the long-term. >> it's not something you want to leave to your contractor to design, saying, oh, let the contractor take care of this, it'll just happen and maybe it'll happen -- maybe it'll happen right and maybe not. >> if it's on a drawing, then it's in the contract, and then they're required to place it there. that's the obvious -- it's a good form of communication. >> tand the contractor wants that they want to know exactly what they're supposed to do. they don't want to have to figure it out. they just want to build it. >> a lot of people get overwhelmed with decision making and will defer some decisions, that's a mistake too. good kitchen plan is try to make the decisions at the beginning and not as you go.
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>> how much would it cost to build a kitchen like this? if we strip it out to the walls and put in a kitchen like this, give us a ballpark. >> for this kitchen be with glass tiles, which are very expensive. >> marble counters. >> limestone, these look like european cabinets. not the ultimate high end, but it's a high end kitchen, i would put this at $75,000. and a floor. this seems like porcelain tile. that's not -- these probably are $5 a tile. but range is -- but the range is $50,000 to $100,000 for a kitchen. it can go a lot. >> on the flooring, do you have to really tear out the old floor or can you put it over the top of it? >> it depends the floor and the condition of the floor.
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but the rule of thumb is, you should take it off. aupt good subsurface to apply on, so it's better to take it up. >> there is an issue about adhearing flooring to a concrete, especially fresh concrete. if somebody floats a floor, you don't want to put the tile directly on the concrete, because if there are any cracks in the concrete and concrete cracks that will be telegraphed right up through the tile. so usually there's some kind of film between them that allows them to expand and contract and not telegraph cracks. >> one note on the last question a lot of clients believe they can put a new floor on top of an old floor, whether it be, if it's linoleum, it's very thin. if it's hardwood, it's .75 inch, remember all your appliances have certain clearances from the floor to the underside of the counter or the floor to the topside of the
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counter. if you raise the floor 3/4 of an inch, you've altered that dimension. if you put a 3/4 inch floorened under your dishwasher, it may not fit. if you put it right up to the front of the dishwasher, you may never get it out. >> let's look at another kitchen. tell us about this one. >> this is var contemporary kitchen. it illustrates a lot of good strends and things we do here in san francisco. in san francisco, we have very high ceilings sometimes. this is what we do. we have regular lower-upper cabinet and upper-upper cabinet, making it like a display cabinet is a nice thing to do. >> i worry about rt quakes. i see that up there. >> these are popular, called chimney hoods as opposed to cabinet hoods that are built in. these are very popular. these are dishwasher drawers here. this is one dishwasher split
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into two drawers. you can do a half load and it's great. so especially if you're, you know, a single person or small family where you just kind of do half a load, it's a great thing. also here, this is a built-in refrigerator here. >> look at that. >> and this is a refrigerator drawer here. >> that's what rachel wants a refrigerator drawer at her cooking height. >> in this one, this is the refrigerator and these are the freezers, but you can buy it separately as a two-drawer system as refrigerator or freezer. >> islands are popular but think about your plans with the door open as well. are you going to hit something? are you going to block something? if you had the luxury, but some space there. you want to show how these things open. so you can negotiate around them. >> if you look at this, this happens to be a 27-inch refrigerator. if it was a standard 36-inch
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refrigerator, it would come very close to this island and in this m case you wouldn't be able to open it. design-wise many refrigerators you see as a standard have some kind of colored finish on them, stainless, black, white. refrigerators, ventilation systems, all have the option of making them disappear. putting wood paneling on them and making them integrate into the kitchen. the cooking equipment, we're talking ovens, the cook tops, microwaves, those cannot be hidden. so you have to think about how it's going to visually impact your kitchen. >> some people like a lot of stainless steel, some people want to minimize it. fashions come and go and stainless is hot now and maybe 20 years from now -- >> stainless has been around for 50 years. it's always been a premium product. >> the nice thing about stainless, it's the same color
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all the way through. black and white is just the top layer of the steel that's that color. everything sells the color of steel. >> designers like them. it's a neutral color, gos with most color schemes. goes with contemporary designs and also traditional designs. >> what is today's fashionable kitchen looking like? >> there's a broad range for all tastes out there. but the chimney hoods are very popular now. very contemporary looking. >> this kitchen would be considered more of a contemporary minimalist kind of kitchen. you have countertops surrounding the cook top rather than a range that continues to the floor. you have a chimney hood, there are other kitchens where it's going to be a massive big wolf range or viking range a big professional range, big hood. those are clients that want people to walk in and go, wow, this is a cooking kitchen. other people want them to say,
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i want everything to look good. >> these are sealed burners, very easy to clean. this one is a bigger circle, higher b.t.u. you have one that's big and the other three are normal. >> on that one, that's the same level as the professional one out there. that's 15,000. >> this is a wolsnf >> yes. >> these are called shaker style cabinets, very popular. they're a little wider than most, which i kind of like. usually they're a little bit thinner. very popular. >> let's step on in here and try to find out if our gougere is ready. >> i got the best surprise when i opened it the first time. it's blue inside. here's the gougere as they come out. lots of butter.
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>> we have some eating specialists here as well as cooks. do we have any questions while we conclude? yes, sir. >> on the requirements for replacement of windows is that also true of doors? in other words, any door that leads to the exterior, a french door, would that have to meet the same criteria? >> yes. energy, yes. typically like glass doors would be double glazed, they would have -- similar to a window. it would have to have weather stripping as well. >> any glazing in the door would be considered a window, it would have to meet that standard. the door itself, if it was a solid core door, you'd have to weather strip it and it would be fixed wall construction. glass would have to meet it. that's correct. it's a very high standard. very high standard. other questions here? yes. >> you said that -- are some of these requirements online? >> some of the requirements
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online? yes. you can find them online, not just from san francisco but if you just say code requirements for kitchens, you will -- berkeley and everyone, you'll find plenty of them. they're all on there. but the mistake would be to consider that you have got a list of them. you cannot get a complete list of code requirements because there are too many. and you cannot become an expert. andre's been doing this 20 years, kitchen remodels. he and i, and we're still learning them. they are so many and so complicated you cannot expect yourself to know what all the code requirements are. i'm sorry but they're so difficult. >> it's very thick. >> here's a copy -- this is a copy of one, this is just one of the codes that we're talking about. this is the new building code. here's the energy code. there's the electrical code, mechanical code, the plumbing
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code. planning code. >> don't think you can try to figure it out for yourself. when you hire someone who has done this they know the pertinent ones and relevant ones. that's again why you would hire a professional. >> i read all about countertops and they all have their ups and downs, any idea with somebody who is just brutal on things what would be the best one? >> granite. >> i would say there's no perfect -- >> concrete. >> granite is the densest stone, that's common. and z and granite tiles actually are relatively reasonably priced and fairly indestructible. >> that's a great idea, instead of a slab, you can get tiles. >> and replace -- replaceable, too after she smashes them. >> also quartz, these are good too. >> i want to thank you all for coming today. andre and pat and rachel and
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the gougere was absolutely fantastic. thank you all very much.
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